Handing out words


May 2014

Post It Poem for Tuesday #2!


Hope you like!


Revisiting the Northern Line

So, today I left a twitter love story on the Northern line and plastered post-it note quotes from the poem in various places around Soho and Tottenham Court Road.

I’ve been considering the implications of our reliance on social media recently, and how it has fundamentally altered social interaction. Not all of these alterations are negative; we are able to reach a wider network, stay in touch with friends hundreds, even thousands, of miles away, and it has allowed otherwise voiceless individuals to make their views known and their voices heard.

However, I also feel that everyone on these social media sites (including me) is talking, talking, talking and very few of us are listening. We are limiting our ability to connect on a selfless level with another human being, hence the formation of the tube poem today, and it’s story of unrequited love.

The internet, and its social media sites, are a wonderful chance to delve into the psychology of individuals we would otherwise not be able to connect with, and I hope we are still able to exercise the patience and selflessness necessary to unpick and understand each other’s ideas, rather than just to advertise our own. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures!








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