Handing out words


March 2015

A City of Foxes: Learning A Story I Already Know

My script is finished! (Or at least as finished as it’s going to be before I get started with the rehearsals). I completed it this week and did a little dance with my pet bunny in my room. She, entirely unimpressed... Continue Reading →


A City of Foxes: How to Unmake a Script

This is a battle between us and our country. Apparently. Or at least it was, yesterday, during quite an epic editing session at the Roundhouse for A City of Foxes. As battles go, it was pretty brutal, but we definitely... Continue Reading →

A City of Foxes: Beginning

So, it turns out, that turning something you have nurtured and agonised over on paper for nine months into a full blown spoken word show is hard in more ways than one. Yes: time and money and support and guidance... Continue Reading →

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