I’ve been back from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a week, analysing the success of A City of Foxes and where to go with it next. It did pretty well at the Fringe. There for a week, it drew in modest audiences, all of whom expressed their appreciation for it at the end. The audiences grew; from an initial audience of three to a final audience of fifteen. I am certain that, had it been there for longer, it’s audience would have continued to grow. It has developed in performance, it will continue to grow as more and more people see it. It will continue to develop with the feedback it has received, and the script will be altered a little, the delivery will be altered a little. I have grown more familiar with it and I think it has grown more familiar with me. I’m excited for the next step of this adventure, which is to begin to sell the show to institutions where it may make a difference, where it may spark discourse.

As a result, the show is now available for purchase. Running at 45 minutes in length, it is the perfect length of a secondary school lesson. It can run alongside workshops that encourage its audiences to engage with poetry, to connect with the concept of identity, and to talk about the idea of nationality and how we define it. Details of this are in the ‘Shows For Hire’ section of the website and packages can be organised by contacting me via email.

Alongside this, the show will also be at the Wise Words Festival in Canterbury this year: https://www.facebook.com/events/963035203719496/ in the Tipi in Greyfriars Garden, 16.30 on Saturday 5th September. This will be a really good chance for the show to be exposed to new audiences who can give feedback. It will provide further opportunity for the show to develop before it goes to other locations.

As well as performance, I am looking to get the show in print. Alongside illustrations from Catt Hannah (whose work can be found at @CattHannahIllustrations on Instagram), the printed version will feature other poems relating to the characters alongside the play itself. I’m hoping to find a publisher for this soon and will keep those interested updated.

If anyone would like further details about the show, where it is next on, or how they can bring a performance to an Institution they work in, there are contact details for me on the website. I’m looking forward to this show travelling a bit further, and doing a bit more good, as soon as it can!