So, it’s August! (phew!) I appreciate I’ve been slower than most to notice this, but the year has kind of taken me by surprise. Luckily, the surprises have mostly been very good!

6 Ways To Break A Bird has done pretty well in it’s initial stages, getting a five star review, which you can see here: and a four and a half star review, here:

The show will spend some time being revised and rewritten before it hopefully tours again next year. Similarly, the lovely Felicity (my director) and I have been working very, very hard on A City of Foxes. It has now been developed into a full performance, which includes cake, and we are looking to see how we can move this further.

After a fantastic afternoon discussing mental health awareness with a lot of brilliant librarians at the CILIP conference in Brighton this year, I’m also in the process of developing a series of workshops to tour in library (and similar) spaces, that utilise poetry and creative writing as a psychological healing tool. Please keep an eye out for this, as it will be up very shortly! I’ll also be hanging up my teaching gear and taking up a role as poet in residence in at least one school this year, working with KS3 and 4 students to regain some ownership over the craft and culture of poetry. It’ll be a blast bringing Slams and other writing projects into schools and I’m really looking forward to it.

Along with all this, I’ve been working on a collection of poetry called ‘Octopus Medicine’. This will be a collection of narrative poems, some longer, some shorter, to act as a shared reading experience across a variety of ages. The poems are all based around the motif of the octopus (an excellent animal) and intended to be used as a resource to develop shared reading experiences. Hopefully more on this later!

All in all, the year’s been mad. I’ve still got half an MA to pass, another show to write, another collection of poems to complete and a…thing that’s been brewing in my head that needs some development. I intend to be less terrible in the future with updating my blog and will do my best to give more regular updates, if only to organise my own thoughts. Please keep checking back on the website for any further information about shows or bookings.