Becci L. Fearnley

Nourishment through Stories


December 2016

The Roving Poet Part 8: A Quiet Land

ABOVE: Copies of the fourteen-strong sonnet collection 'A Quiet Land', written, designed and created by me (Becci Louise). Copies will be on sale at the Nomad Bakery in Caversham, Reading, on Tuesday 20th December at £4 (inked copy) and £5... Continue Reading →


The Roving Poet Part 7: ‘To Tell YOu The Truth…’

Wednesday 7th December 2016 saw the transformation of ten of my young poetry students. Between 5 and 6pm that evening, in front of an audience of their parents and teachers, transformed from poetry students into fully fledged, thoughtful and skilful... Continue Reading →

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