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January 2017

The Roving Poet Part 10: Of Old Clocks and Aliens

January, that hardest of months, is at an end and, though it is still cold and I have spent a fair amount of time picking myself and my trusty bike up off the ice and applying plasters (to myself and... Continue Reading →


The Poet Activist Part 2: The Silence of Politicians

Last November, I sent an email to the MP for the constituent in which my residency school is based, asking him to address the issue of funding for comprehensive schools in the UK. Although I was assured of a response... Continue Reading →

The Roving Poet Part 9: 2017 is the Year of Action!

It’s January, the month of mental despair. We are cold, fat and having to take all our tinsel off the walls. The diet ads have started already and we’re pinching the extra person about our middles and feeling inadequate. Thank... Continue Reading →

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