Alongside performing and more conventional publication in collections and magazines, Becci creates shorter bespoke collections of poems. She describes these as ‘poetry in pill form for an intellectual and emotional pick-me-up’. These collections are created entirely by the poet, including the cover design and book construction. They are sold at between £4-6 depending on cover design choice. When sold in person and at events, these come with a personalised poem to order.

‘A Quiet Land’ is a collection of fourteen sonnets based around the major theme of mental and emotional wellness. As a survivor of Depression and a long-term sufferer of Generalised and Social Anxiety, Becci is a real advocate for building and developing social awareness around mental health and how to maintain it. Although many of the sonnets in this collection are based around her own experience, Becci has also gathered stories from other people and created sonnets from these found experiences as well. Although the poetry is all Becci’s, the stories come from all manner of sources and represent Post Traumatic Stress, Grief, Anxiety and Schizophrenia among other things.

As a reading experience, you may think this sounds quite ‘depressing’ (Becci hopes not!) but this collection covers ALL elements of mental illness, including coping and recovery.

Reviews for ‘A Quiet Land’ will be accessible here very soon.

If you wish to order a copy of ‘A Quiet Land’ and your own personalised poem, please visit Becci’s Etsy Shop, PoeticalTreasures.