Alongside performing and more conventional publication in collections and magazines, Becci creates shorter bespoke collections of poems. She describes these as ‘poetry in pill form for an intellectual and emotional pick-me-up’. These collections are created entirely by the poet, including the cover design and book construction. They are sold at between £4-6 depending on cover design choice. When sold in person and at events, these come with a personalised poem to order.

This collection is another narrative collection, but this time it’s aimed at children! Nebula is not your ordinary little girl. Born in space and raised by Dimension Dragons, she can hop between worlds with the help of Blue, her best friend who happens to be a young dragon. Together, they discover new worlds, rescuing those that are in danger and making many friends along the way. specification of the buyer.

As with all A5 collections, ‘Nebula’s Dimension Dragon’ retails at £6. There are a choice of several cover colours, which can be chosen by the buyer just before purchase.

You can find and purchase the collection here.

If you wish to see more of what Becci makes, or order your own book with a bespoke poem, please see Becci’s handmade poetry collection shop, PoeticalTreasures.