Ever felt a little bit different? Ever felt you weren’t quite the right shape for this world, that it was changing you in ways you didn’t want to be changed? You’re not alone. Here is a creature who understands, one who doesn’t fit, who is strange. Do check your oxygen, fit your flippers and submerge yourself. The octopus, with his wisdom, with his strength, he understands. Take his long, slimy paw (I know, but don’t squirm), let him show you his world.

Becci is extremely excited to announce the publication of her first printed book, ‘Octopus Medicine’, with Two Rivers Press.

Above is an image of the book, with quotes from Claire Dyer, Sarah Hirsch and Laurie Bolger, with a jacket design and inside illustrations by Catt Hannah. The book is a collection of three narratives in poetry form, centred around the motif of the octopus. It is written to be shared; as bedtime stories, as plays, as games. It is written for families, for classrooms, for hospital wards, for residential homes. It is written for siblings and friends as well as for inter-generational reading. Most importantly, it is written for anyone who has ever, for whatever reason, felt isolated from those around them, and has ever been confused by their own difference.

“Enthralling, dynamic and utterly captivating.”  The Interpreter’s House.

‘Octopus Medicine’ is available to buy either from Becci herself, from Waterstones here, or from the Two Rivers Press website, here.

For other works published by Two Rivers Press, see their website.