Becci Louise has a number of full length spoken word shows that can be run alongside workshops at primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities, residential homes and a number of other institutions.

As a community poet, Becci believes whole-heartedly in what she writes and performs being routed in the heart of small communities, as well as in theatres and other performance spaces. Her work covers a variety of themes, including race, gender, identity, body-image, prejudice and overcoming obstacles. Much of Becci’s work uses animal motifs or symbols from the natural world. Although this is not the only motif she uses, it does tend to go down pretty well with youngsters!

The workshops and events run alongside these shows can be tailored to the needs of the institution. Becci is happy to work with small groups of individuals as well as classes of thirty or bigger, and whole year groups if necessary. Please refer to the ‘contact’ page to organise and tailor your event specifically through direct correspondence with Becci.

PLEASE NOTE: These are not the only workshop services Becci offers. Much of her work is tailored specifically to the needs and requirements of individual schools or other organisations. Please contact her for further details if you think you would like her to visit your school, library or other organisation.