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There’s a bird in your hand. It’s tiny, delicate face peering up at you with love. It trusts you. And you’re stood before a man in a white coat with a pair of scissors. He’s offering to clip your bird’s wings. He’s trying to explain that it’ll be better for your relationship with this little creature, that it will be more dependent and easier to train. And you look at this tiny bird and you try to think where you’ve heard these things said before? Oh yes. You’re a girl. You hear these things said about you every day. Your body is a bird’s wing, and it needs clipping…

6 Ways To Break A Bird is Becci Louise’s two fingers in the face of a culture that defines women by their bodies, that misunderstands them as willfully as it misunderstands the birds to which women are so often compared. Living at home with her Quaker parrot, and having worked with birds of prey like Red Kites and European Eagle Owls, Becci knows that if people really knew what they were saying when they compared women to birds, they would not be keen to get quite so close. 6 Ways To Break A Bird is a celebration of the female experience as something with feathers, teeth, claws and a level of defiance so heightened that even gravity cannot weigh us down.


Six Ways To Break A Bird aims to run at around an hour in length, featuring music, dance, narrative and (of all things) origami. Although it is the story of female existence, it aims to educate men as well as liberate women, and to appeal to as broad a gender spectrum as possible. Using the body as the main focus, and trying to step away from our physique as the sole qualifier for our validity as human beings, Six Ways To Break A Bird is for young people whose own relationship with their body has been temperamental. With some strong language and adult themes, it is recommended that this show is hired for over 15’s, and in particular for college students about to leave the nest of their childhood and seek their own definition at University, during travel or in the work place. It’s a show that aims to redefine our relationship with our bodies. How do we develop a healthy relationship with ourselves that is not defined by commercial industry and the cultural definition of the female form as a commodity for consumption?

Although still being developed, 6 Ways To Break A Bird has had four initial shows this year and received a 5 star and a 4-and-a-half-star review. You can view both reviews below: