Below you can see reviews, testimonials and recommendations from organisations and schools that Becci has worked with in the past as a creative arts and poetry facilitator.


6 Ways To Break A Bird:

Broadsheet Boutique:

Female Arts:

A City of Foxes


A review for ‘Octopus Medicine’ can be found in issue 66 of the Interpreter’s House, written by the lovely Aoife Lyall:

“These verse stories may be read alone but they also need to be read aloud, animated, orchestrated, painted, performed and recorded. They are enthralling, dynamic and utterly captivating.” The Interpreter’s House.



ANNE SLAYFORD (Teacher of English at Burnt Mill Academy, Harlow)

“In 2011, Becci helped launch a Writers in Residence project at Burnt Mill Academy. Her drive and enthusiasm were the key factors in making the project such a success. Becci arrived to each session with a plethora of creative and engaging ideas from puppetry to creative writing tasks bringing life to animals and instruments alike. The result of the project was the very first Burnt Mill Anthology. As a legacy to Becci’s inspiring work, we now have four editions and hundreds of ‘published’ authors at Burnt Mill Academy. Becci’s commitment, work ethic and creativity make her an ideal candidate for the role of Arts Facilitator and I would happily work with her again.”


MEGAN PENNE (Teacher at Park Lane Junior School)

“Becci’s poetry and art workshop was fab!

She completed her workshop during our Art Week, so fitted her workshop ideas around our theme beautifully, managing to spend time with 120 children across the day.

The children thoroughly enjoyed a chance to settle into thinking about themselves through building a mask to represent them, before joining Becci on the carpet for a chat about what makes them special and important.

Becci’s poem about herself thoroughly impressed the children, and provided true inspiration for them to begin thinking about their own. Children of all abilities and confidences were catered for and stretched to the correct degree as they had a template to work from if they needed it.

Towards the end of the session, whole groups of children were dying to share their poetry with one another, with Becci and with school staff. They were really impressed by how quickly they had managed to write a poem, and by how great it sounded. We read them, a few at a time, for days to come at school.

It was an imaginative session which allowed children to produce something that made them proud in a short amount of time! Thank you for coming to visit us.”