Becci offers her services as writer and educator to a variety of institutions, mainly schools and libraries, but she is open to visiting other organisations too. When she visits, she can do so as a performer, as a workshop facilitator or as a mixture of both. Becci’s visits will be tailored to the specific needs of the organisation and those the visit will be for.

Becci will be happy to visit for a variety of events and to satisfy a variety of literary needs. However, her main bank of workshops deal with the following concepts:


  • Developing engagement with both the reading and writing of poetry.
  • Poetry writing as a means to engage with the outside world.
  • Poetry writing as a way to develop political, cultural, historical and social understanding.
  • Poetry writing as creative healing for, and to raise awareness of, mental illness(es).
  • Collaborative writing to develop co-operative creative skills.


  • Building confidence in imaginative writing.
  • Learning how to find, adapt and develop ideas.
  • Creative writing as a means to develop empathy and compassion.
  • Creative writing as healing for, and to raise awareness of, mental illness(es).
  • Creative writing for creative reading.

All workshops and/or projects will be discussed with, and tailored to, the needs of the specific organisation in question, therefore fees for these events may vary, but Becci’s usual fees for these events are:

A FULL DAY’S VISIT: £250 + travel expenses

A HALF DAY’S VISIT (usually a morning, but could be an afternoon with a session after school): £150 + travel expenses

THREE OR MORE WORKSHOP DAYS (as part of an ongoing project): £200 per day + travel expenses.

If you wish to contact Becci regarding a visit, or to discuss an individual project for your organisation, please refer to the CONTACT page for further details.